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In conjunction with inspections with written reports, Cooling Tower Depot® can establish the current thermal and mechanical performance and present operating conditions to evaluate the original conditions verses the conditions now or on an ongoing basis.

This operations point can then be used to evaluate the many different options you have to increase the tower’s capability or upgrade the tower for expansions or increased load. Or as an energy saving option, reduce the energy consumption and reduce the operating cost associated with the tower to earn a payback for the reduced energy cost.

Cooling Tower Depot® can work closely with you to save your company thousands of dollars in energy costs or eliminate the need to add additional cooling towers by simply upgrading the existing tower to meet your needs.


Cooling Tower Depot® utilizes state of the art equipment and provides testing in accordance with the Cooling Technology Institute ATC-105 or the PTC-23 test code published by the Society of Mechanical Engineers.

With 100's of years of experience our knowledgeable engineers can help you save you company time and money with the right evaluation.

Please contact customer service at (877) 243-3945 toll free for scheduling your performance testing, inspections and evaluations.